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What solutions does IIC have for coaches in business? Dr. PaTrisha-Anne Todd is giving away tips in becoming a successful coach in business. Not just for new coaches. Great for any business too!

Membership To The IIC For Coaches and HR Personnel

The IIC International Institute of Coaching membership Director John Standaloft explains in the latest IIC Coach Cast to fellow coach PaTrisha-Anne Todd the value a coach will experience with membership to the IIC International Institute of Coaching.

New Video Coach Cast - Click the link to be taken direct to the latest membership Coach Cast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLiCLN0qvf4  or visit the IIC home page to access the latest Coach Cast  www.internationalinstituteofcoahcing.org.

Coaches around the world from all niches often feel isolated and alone as they go about their business.  The IIC recognise this and have created a community for coaches, coaches in training and individuals interested in personal development, even corporations who appreciate true leadership qualities and the education that surrounds that topic.  The IIC is a  membership community supporting and expanding the professional image of coaching.

The IIC embraces technology brining its members from over 91 countries around the world closer together through the use of the Internet thus providing a whole network of support.  Coaches can mix easily with their peer forming lasting relationships, some even leading to joint ventures.


Accreditation is another option open to coaches who feel their careers would benefit from such an official recognition.


Life Coaching and Business Coaching is becoming increasingly more popular within corporations.  The IIC support both individual coaches and HR human resources departments and welcome memberships for such organisations.  Coaching is an international asset.


To learn more about the IIC range of member benefits along with the varying membership options you can visit the IIC web site or connect directly with Membership Director John Standaloft: john-standaloft@the-iic.org.


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Dr PaTrisha-Anne Todd is available to supply coaching articles for your publications and arrange interviews with members of the IIC Team.

patrisha-anne  [AT]  the-iic.org




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IIC new Public Relations from the International Institute of Coaching

The IIC International Institute of Coaching releases new video.

Capturing the essence of true coaching and the community at the IIC is shared in the latest video from International Head of IIC Public Relations PaTrisha-Anne Todd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN9zFGBLriU

Applying cpd (continual professional development) to all coaches skills set is important including recognition of coaching ability with accreditation.

Membership to the IIC brings many benefits including the several levels of professional accreditation.  Prospective members can learn more by visiting the IIC web site http://internationalinstituteofcoaching.org/join_the_iic.php  where the various levels are described.

The latest video mentions numerous membership benefits one of which are the inspiring webinars with carefully chosen worldwide experts speaking and offering words of wisdom to the IIC coaching community – webinars is just one of the facilities offered by the IIC.  Another is the interactive newsletter: Click the link below to sign up for your coaching newsletter where you can learn more news and what the IIC has to offer: http://www.internationalinstituteofcoaching.org/index.php

Social media also receives a mention inviting all who have an interest in coaching and personal development to join in the community spirit at the IIC Facebook site

New Year Greetings from the International Institute of Coaching


2012 started with fireworks from Auckland, New Zealand to my local village.  The IIC wish you all a Happy New Year 2012.

Coaching in all its various forms, life coaching, business, corporate, executive, spiritual, VIP is the tool used from small business owners to global corporations.  This year the personal development profession will provide professional coaching and mentoring programmes to assist commercial enterprise reach both its bottom and top figures.

The IIC is delighted to say it will be part of this surge by providing ethical and industry based accreditation to those coaches who care about their clients and the positive growth of coaching. 

Last year during 2011 we took some time to remodel and update the official IIC accreditation system.  This year you’ll see more about the levels we have created to help you achieve professional accredited coaching status.

Workshops:  if you own and run a coaching workshop then 2012 is the time to commit to becoming recognised in the industry with full accreditation to support your message.  Do contact the IIC accreditation department and begin the process to professional recognition. 


Be part of the community spirit and join our various Facebook sites:

Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com/IIC_coaching

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/International-Institute-of-Coaching

Newsletter: Click the link below to sign up for your coaching newsletter where you can learn more news and what the IIC has to offer: 


January is the perfect time to finalise your business plans for the year ahead.  As you put the finishing touches to your coaching business for your future, know that the IIC are here to support you in your professional journey as an accredited coach.



Dr PaTrisha-Anne Todd is available to supply coaching articles for your publications and arrange interviews with members of the IIC Team.

patrisha-anne AT the-iic.org  


Press Officer Dr PaTrisha-Anne Todd, LCSi, AFC

IIC, P.O. Box 582, Chatham, Kent, ME4 9BY, UK


Registered Office: Roper Road, Roper Yard, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7EX, UK

t: +44 (0)1233 800324

IIC December Message
From the Desk of PaTrisha-Anne Todd

Wow, it’s been a great 12 months and as we approach the New Year the whole team at the IIC International Institute of Coaching are delighted with the progress we’ve made within the coaching community. New members are coming on board, accreditation awards are increasing, contributors are writing educational articles and experts are presenting webinars. It’s been a busy and worthwhile 365 days.

We realise we wouldn’t be where we are today without your continued support. Special thanks to each and every one of you for your time and good wishes.

Do look out for the 2012 editions of the Newsletter arriving each month into your in-box with news about our accreditation service, membership to a world wide coaching community with many benefits also our webinar series and regular coach casts. Oh, and of course the numerous social media sites.

We look forward to another year of growth at the IIC.

Yours In Coaching,

Dr PaTrisha-Anne Todd, LCSi, AFC
Director, Editor and International Head of Public Relations
Webinar Spotlight: Creating a Caring and Sharing Team

Hello IIC Friends!

Join us and let’s welcome Deb Bixler with the IIC Webinar:

Creating a Caring and Sharing Team - Recruiting 101 on 29th November, 2011 @8pm GMT.

Webinar Snippet:

Creating desire for your products, services and your business
opportunity can all be accomplished using the same techniques.
Isolating recruiting as a separate entity creates a chasm in the field that
causes many in your sales organization to view recruiting as something
that is different or harder. Learn how to teach your team to recruit from
day one and create a recruiting machine.

More on Deb Bixler:


Deb Bixler was honored two years in a row in the “Direct Selling Power
50” awards and voted one of the top 30 most influential women in direct
sales world wide in the “Women Of Power” for 2010. As a leading expert
in direct sales education she manages the largest FREE direct selling
resource center on the web: www.CreateACashFlowShow.com
Deb replaced her 30 year corporate career in 2000 when she build a
direct sales business capable of replacing her salary in only 9 months.
Using best business practices that all successful companies operate
under Deb now teaches professional systems to direct selling

Grab your seat! Attract more people to your products and services and be a magnificent charmer.

IIC Members get in for free. Register here.

Understanding The Competition

Knowing who else, which others are in the market place is extremely beneficial to you, especially if you intend to make a going concern of your business.

Furthermore, being aware of the hidden details of the market place you propose to work in and who your competitors are is subsequently essential. When you are familiar with this piece of information it becomes an automatic measurement to your overall coaching practice success.

At this moment first steps first, let’s take the time to discover who your target market is. Read on to learn how you can define and understand the competition.

You would have already thought about your coaching niche, so you are in no doubt of the area your clients will want to have coaching on – that’s the topic of coaching!

Next, knowing your niche and topic is the heart of your practice, in other words knowing who will flock to your door because they are convinced you are an expert in your field i.e. executive coaching, group coach facilitator, relationship coaching, life coach trainer; there are so many speciality areas available to attract different types of paying client. Just a note here, I sincerely trust you have not made the mistake as many novice coach trainees and new business owners make of falsely thinking you can coach ‘everyone’ and spend unnecessary time and energy on worrying about missing out on sales opportunities, when in reality prospective clients actually turn away from you as they are confused about your exact coaching service and are apprehensive that you are not sufficiently qualified to coach them on their particular problem anyway!

The Market Place

Your chosen market place demographic area houses your target audience and more than likely your competitors too and according to your actions you’ll either fail miserably or achieve success levels that can be amazing.

By understanding your strengths and those of your business you’ll rise above the competition easily – it’s all a matter of positioning your coaching practice correctly.

There are 5 steps in planning and operating your business. Here’s what you can do to get ahead of the competition:

Step 1 Have A Vision: 

Right now take time out to get clear on your business vision and understand your overall goals. Once you can ‘see’ what you want and expect for your coaching practice you’ll move forward and be able to instigate the necessary legal procedures you need to take, such as entity structuring, handling strategic planning, your goals outlines and an analysis of your current client coaching portfolio.

Step 2 Opening Proposition: 

This is the time to go over your initial coaching proposition, what you intend to offer your clients. Think about our niche, your topic and your talents and skills.

Step 3 Market Intelligence: 

Regular review your market place and the competitors you find there. Keep abreast of what’s happening in respect of current trends and economic statistics. 

The bottom line, there is no one route to commercial coaching success, you have to invest in market research – your future depends upon it.

Step 4 Implementation: 

Implement what you’ve learned, this is the exciting step because now you get to see progress by putting into place with confidence all the right moves and can see that success is moving towards you!

Step 5 Ongoing Growth: 

In this step you’ll need to determine who else needs to be in your team to meet your annual targets and adjust for each new financial year. 

SOURCE: IIC GLOBAL COACH NEWSLETTER August 2011   sign up today.

IIC Webinar Spotlight: Schelli Whitehouse

Greetings friends of the IIC,

On July 12th, please join and welcome Schelli Whitehouse as she presents her Webinar:

3 Savvy Secrets to Create Expert Status in Your Business

Schelli Whitehouse is a Pioneer for Conscious Business Evolution with an expertise in helping soulful entrepreneurs create and maintain a professional presence for their own special brand of transformation. Schelli incorporates 9 Essential Elements to build her own profitable coaching career; Creating Expert Status in Your Business is just one of them.

You can visit Schelli’s website at the link below:


To learn more about this fantastic Webinar, please visit the link below:


Event time in different parts of the world
Los Angeles: 12:00 (Noon)
New York: 15:00 (3:00 PM)
London: 20:00 (8:00 PM)
Cairo: 21:00 (9:00 PM)

A Special Message From IIC President, Gerard O’Donovan

Greetings to Coaches Everywhere,

I would like to extend to you a personal invitation to join the IIC “International Institute of Coaching”.
If you are a coach or a student coach or involved in the world of coaching in any way, then being a member of the IIC will keep you in touch and up-to-date with all of the latest ideas, methods, and technologies being employed in this wonderful and growing world of coaching.
It is very important to be a part of your industry, to understand what is happening within this incredible field and should you wish to, to  be involved in shaping the future of coaching worldwide.
The IIC is unique in the world of coaching standards and accreditation. It is not only the second largest body of its kind in the world, currently trading in 76 countries, but it is also the only organisation that is actually owned by its volunteer members.
Every single volunteer member receive shares in the organisation, that is truly unique!
I myself got involved as an accredited coach back in the year 2000. Shortly after I volunteered to help, as indeed anyone can do, and of course I got completely sucked in  :-)
I found that the people involved were some of the nicest and friendliest I had ever met.
With such a strong desire and vision to help all people through coaching.
As a member of the IIC you will receive unparalleled support and regular ongoing training using the latest technology like Webinars, etc. We also have regular meetings and groups that meet in many countries around the world.

You will also be part of a worldwide organisation that has undoubtedly the highest standards, see here:
You can choose to join as an associate member ( this is open to absolutely everyone irrespective of any coach training or qualifications they may or may not have).
Or, you can join as an accredited member. The process to become accredited is one of the most straightforward and simple that you will find.
Full details here:
To see in a little bit more detail just what it is that makes the IIC unique then go here:

If you would like to discuss in more detail the benefits of becoming involved I would be delighted to have a chat, perhaps a coffee on the phone or Skype :-)
Either with myself or one of my wonderful team.

Gerard O’Donovan


International Institute of Coaching President

How To Sign Up:
Members, log into your IIC account, then visit the following link:


Non-Members, simply visit the following link:


This is a video preview of the latest IIC Live Webinar:
"Building Your Coaching Practice" By Gerard O’Donovan

Presented Live on March 22nd, 2011, 8P London.